How To Keep Your Kickstarter Backers Updated


Kickstarter is the number one app where you can turn your ideas into reality. Skipping the details on how it works, let us discuss how you can contact your campaigns backers.

It’s easy for people spending money on a good cause to get easily duped. So providing them with information about your campaign will only help you gain more in the long run. Thus, affecting its outcome.


Before getting into the details, keep in mind that you can only contact your campaign backers and not other campaign owners. And there are various methods to do this too.

  1. Sending individual messages to every backer
  2. Sending group messages to all the backers
  3. Posting updates to your backers
  4. Posting updates that are visible to all the backers

If you check the Backer Report page, you will notice that there are two ways to reach out to your backers. Staying in touch is a crucial factor for successful campaigns. A number of changes might occur during the campaigning period and it’s important that every visitor and backer is appropriately informed.


  • Messaging individual backers – When you open your messages on Kickstarter, you will find a mail icon beside them. Through this, you can send them a message. Hit ‘Send Message’ when you are done.
  • Messaging backers in a reward tier – when you open your campaign report, you will see the option ‘Message All’. This allows you to message all the backers on the same reward tier at once. It allows you to negotiate and offer them better perks at a certain reward tier.



The application has come along since it was introduced, and one of the features that had been added later was the communication feature. Thus, allowing you to contact backers in a bulk or post updates for everyone.

Every update that you’ll post will appear at the top of the campaign and you can even include pictures and videos.

Every visitor will be able to see the public update made so far when they will click on update.

It’s great when you want to –

  1. Update your backers about the progress made so far
  2. Countdown the days to the end of your campaign
  3. Answer questions
  4. Post media related to your campaign

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