How To Turn Closed Captioning On And Off For Youtube Tv


YouTube TV is a commercial website under the subsidiary of Google, the parent company of YouTube and live broadcasts of more than 70 television networks, cloud DVR’s, sports, news, boxsets and tons of other stuff. And it is a very credible cord-cutting option for the people who prefer carrying their television around and are mildly repulsed by the poignant existence of boxsets.

Closed captioning (or CC) is a vital feature of any television show, movie or broadcast that allows those with hearing problems to enjoy the same media that people with no hearing issues do.

Unlike subtitles, closed captioning encapsulates within itself anything pertinent to the scene that is being shown. That is to say, it captures the background noise or music along with the dialogues and emotions. It is very much like a script, but live.

It can be said that it is more involving and hence it is so important.


YouTube TV gives you access to both subtitles and closed captions, most of all YouTube brands have some version of help with accessibility. How you use them depends on the device that you are using – some will allow you to change the font size or the font color, and some do not have that option. It varies a lot on the network that you are on.

If you are using the service on Google Chrome then follow through the following steps to enable closed captioning on YouTube:

  1. Select the CC icon if visible or the three-dot menu icon
  2. Select the CC option and toggle it on
  3. Select the cog icon to select the CC settings and change the appearance of it according to your preference
  4. Follow the same above steps but toggle it on to disable it

For the ones who are using the Android version of it, follow through the following steps:

  1. Select the CC icon or the three-dot menu icon
  2. Select the CC option and the track of your choice
  3. Select the cog icon to change its appearance

For the iPad or the iPhone version, repeat the first two steps and to change its appearance, click on the gear icon or the settings option.

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