How To Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts On Your Computer

Google Drive

Google Drive account makes it easier for us to store, share, and manage our files and documents online. One key feature of a Google Drive account is that it allows one account to have access to one drive. That is to say, if you want access to another drive, you need to sign up for another Google account.

Many people, like me, have multiple accounts – for example, one is for personal use, one is for business purposes, and one might even have an account to cater to one’s hobby. But what happens if one wants to manage all these files at once? Chaos? Definitely, no.

Unfortunately, Google Drive does not provide you with the option of managing all your accounts at once but there is a way around it and this article is specifically here to show you how, or tell you how to achieve that.


You can use the Drive’s share option to connect different accounts. That is, you have to choose a primary account and then create a folder in it.

You can either give all your secondary accounts access to this folder or you can create one folder dedicated to one account. Thus, it will be acting as a centerpiece of your Google Drive management.

Follow the steps:

  1. Choose a primary google account
  2. Sign-in to another google account (the one you want to sync from) and go to google drive
  3. Click on the ‘New’ button and select the ‘Folder’ option when the dropdown menu appears
  4. Name this folder with a unique name so you will know which folder is linked to the synced secondary account
  5. Drag and drop all the files that you want to be there
  6. Right click on this folder and select share
  7. Type in the email address of the recipient (which is your primary account) and hit ‘Send’
  8. Google will send you an email regarding permission
  9. Open another browser, it may be private or it may not
  10. Log in to your primary account and open the email
  11. Right click on the folder and select the option ‘Add to my drive’

The synced folder will now appear on the drive linked to your primary account. To access it, select ‘My drive’ on the left side of the google drive homepage.

You can add multiple accounts to this by typing in the address of each of your email address and then by repeating steps 8-11 for each of the accounts that you have chosen.


If you have the Google Drive Backup and Sync app installed on your device, then you can manage multiple accounts at once.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the ‘More’ option or the three-dot menu
  3. Select preferences
  4. Go to the settings menu
  5. Select disconnect account
  6. And select ‘OK’ when prompted
  7. Sign in to another google drive account
  8. Select the folders that you want to backup and sync
  9. Click ‘Next’
  10. And then select ‘Continue’

What you are doing here is, you are merging a great number of files that you want to store into one giant folder.

So, unless the feature arrives, one has to work around the given formula.

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