How To Search For People Without Signing Up On Facebook


It seems as if it almost impossible to gain access to some of Facebook features without signing up for a social media account. Yet, there are some features one can access without having to put themselves through the hassle of signing up.

You will not be able to interact with the people if you are not logged in but you can take a peek into the visible parts of their account and silently judge them.


You can still access the search feature of Facebook without having to sign up or sign in into the website. But this method is slightly different from the method that you use to search for people while you are logged in. All you need to do is type in the name of the person you want to search and Facebook will show you multiple accounts.

But when you are not logged, instead of the Facebook search bar, you need to utilize the Google search bar.

And here is what you need to do: –

  1. Open the preferred web browser of your choice
  2. Type in the person’s first and last name for accurate results
  3. Hit enter
  4. Click on the first link which almost always a link directing you to the Facebook search list

But make sure you have typed in the person’s full name if you want to find that person quickly and without wasting a lot of your time.

To explain this, let us take the example of an imaginary man named John Doe. After hitting enter, click on the first link out of all the multiple Facebook links. Once you have done so, you will find yourself looking at the Facebook search list. On the right-hand corner of the page, you will see the ‘Sign Up/Login’ option but you would still be able to search for someone without having to log in.

And now all you have to do is scroll down, fingers crossed that you find the John Doe you have been looking for.

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