How To Fix Corrupted Data On Your PlayStation 4


Corrupted data on your PlayStation 4 device is quite a worrisome news but it is quite easy to fix. So do not fret the next time you get a ‘Corrupted data’ error on your device.

The files can have malfunctioned in many ways – an interrupted installation of a file or a program might be the underlying reason. If the game disc is faulty, it might face some problems during the installation process, and it might not be able to install the game properly. At other times, saving something to the file may run into an issue thus corrupting the game file.

Usually, the corrupted data affects the corresponding games and data. Hence, reinstalling them might fix the issue. But there are times when essential files get affected by the corrupted data.


When there is a corrupted data error on the screen, the system will identify it and store it in a separate folder. And by following a few simple steps, you can easily locate them and remove it manually. To locate it:

Step 1: Enter into the Settings page

Step 2: Find the ‘System storage management’ and click on ‘Stored data’

Step 3: Go to the media player folder

Step 4: In the folder, you should see a Corrupted data folder

Step 5: Hit the ‘Options’ button

Step 6: Select ‘Delete’ to remove the corrupted file from your device

When you open the Media Player again, the error message will not be displayed on the screen anymore as the corrupted file has been removed from the system. If it had arisen due to the incomplete installation of a game, then try re-installing it.


If during downloading, a file turned out to be corrupted, it will be shown as a greyed out square icon in the Downloads folder.

To fix this error, you need to,

Step 1: Open the Notifications menu on your screen

Step 2: Press the Options menu and select Downloads

Step 3: Find the corrupted file

Step 4: Press the Options menu again

Step 5: And select Delete

Once you have finished, try downloading the file again.


If the problem still persists, try rebuilding the database, that is, the ‘Rebuild Database’ process. This will scan your PlayStation 4 for bugs, glitches, or anything that might be the underlying reason behind the corruption.

To start this process, you need to,

Step 1: Turn off your PS4

Step 2: Connect the controller to the device via a USB port

Step 3: Hold the power button

Step 4: It should beep twice before you leave it

Step 5: Thus, the PS4 enters the safe mode

Step 6: Now, select the Rebuild Process which is usually the fifth option

Step 7: Wait until the process is over

Step 8: Turn on the console and check for the existence of the corrupted file

For continued failure on your behalf to get rid of the corrupted file, you can choose the Initialize PS4 instead of Rebuild Database. At times, an error occurs when the hard drive has run out of space or it is damaged.

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