How To Change Your Calories Goal On Your iPhone



One huge benefit of the Apple Watch Activity app for the fitness freaks is that it makes it easier to keep a track of the amount of calories that you burn every day. It automatically moves towards your goal thus, helping you shed extra calories. And it is sure to fill you with pride if you reach your designated goal within your desired number of days. But there are some users who might find it a hassle to keep up with the pace dictated by the app.

In some cases, the target number of calories might double itself moving from one week to the other. Now, this might be acting as motivation if you are on a strict dieting and exercise regime. But it might not be easily achieved by many people.

Setting overly ambitious goals will only hinder you from reaching your goal, thus demotivating you from using the app altogether.

But luckily setting your goals and preferences on the device is straightforward and very simple.


You might have seen that the App only allows you to change the Move goals while the Stand and Exercise Goals stay where they are. The Move goals ring indicates the amount of calories you have burned up to a certain point in a day. This counter shows the active amount of calories that you have burned, that is, the calories you have burned while moving around.

To change this, launch the Activity app on your Apple watch, select the rings, and press onto the screen to change the Move goals. Tap on the plus and minus signs on either side to increase or decrease the number, and once you are comfortable with the number staring at you, tap on Update.

This applies to only daily goals and not weekly goals, though the latter changes with the former.

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