How to Automatically Save Snapchat Stories


One of the most important (and you can say, one of the primes) features of Snapchat is the Snapchat Story. They last for 24-hours after they have been uploaded. And they are usually pictures of what people are doing, where they are, what they are eating.

But at times you will find some stories that are worth saving and reminiscing about later. You can either manually save them (which I think is quite a hassle) or you can automatically save your stories to your Memories or the camera roll or both.

You even have the option of capturing a screenshot but that is putting an even more effort than manually saving them.

But wouldn’t it be much convenient for you if they were saved automatically saved?

How to automatically save your Snapchat stories?

To automatically save your Snapchat stories to your memories, memories and phone’s gallery, or just the phone’s gallery, follow the steps given below: –

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App on your mobile

Step 2: Then swipe down on the camera icon

Step 3: Tap on the gear icon and you will find that the setting page has opened up

Step 4: Select the Memories option from the displayed options, right below Notifications

Step 5: Toggle the Auto-Save button on, and voila your work, for now, is done!

If you want to save these on your device then your work isn’t over yet. You have to tap on the ‘Save on’ option located under the Saving tab. That is having assumed you want to save them on your device.

Over there you can select where you want to save your stories – ‘Memories’ or ‘Memories and Camera Roll’ or ‘Camera Roll Only’. Select the middle option and voila, your snaps will be saved in your gallery thus enabling you to view them as you please.

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