How To Automatically Pay Off Monthly Credit Card

Credit card

People often make the mistake of forgetting to make their credit card thus lowering their credit cards score. Having a low score can affect your finances and transaction heavily in many ways.

For example, it raises car insurance interests and makes it difficult for someone to rent a property. Hence, it can be concluded that the lower your credit score, the more complicated life becomes.

Luckily there is one simple method that can ensure that your credit card bill is paid off automatically.

The benefits of having paid them automatically

If you pay off your credit card bills in full every month, it will not only higher your credit card score but also lower the interests that you would have to pay if the balance was more than 30 percent of your credit cards limit.

Furthermore, if you are 30 days due to pay your credit card then your credit card issuer will have to report it to the concerned bureau and they will not only lower your score but also inflict other penalties. And if it is more than 180 days then your report will be handed over to the collection agency and you will have 7 days to pay your charge-off.

Now arriving at the field of discussion,

How to automatically pay off your monthly credit card?

These are the general steps that one can follow, but everything depends upon the credit card issuer. The best way to enable this is to download your credit card’s issuer, so download it if you still have not.

The other way to do this is through the credit card issuer’s website, where you can log into your account through the browser.

  1. American Express

The first step is to open the website on your browser and once you have done that, navigate to the payment option and select it. You can opt for paying the minimum due, or the full payment due, or another amount of choosing each month. You are also asked to choose the date of your payment.

  1. CHASE

Log into your account and select the ‘Set Up’ option, located under your account information. Choose the date you want your payment to be processed. In addition to the date, you need to enter your routing number and account number of your back account. And finally, you need to choose the amount you want to pay.


You have to log into your account and select the ‘Setup Autopay’ option where you will be required to fill in your bank details. Your monthly accounts will be taken off from your account. But in this case, even if you manually make a payment, the given amount will be debited from your account.

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