Apple’s AirPower Has Been Officially Cancelled


Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat has been canceled on Friday, the company admitted that the product didn’t quite meet their standards as it was more than just a charging device.

Since being announced in September 2017, it has been one of the most highly-anticipated Apple product ever. The company promised that the much awaited, oval-shaped charging device would arrive sometime in 2018 but later postponed the deadline.

“After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards, and we have canceled the project,” said Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice-president of hardware engineering. “We apologize to those customers who were looking forward to this launch. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and are committed to pushing the wireless experience further.”

The Various Bugs Crawling

AirPower’s cancellation has turned out to be a black eye for the company as they are known for announcing the launch of their products only when they’re ready to ship. So, the delay in their release is notable. But it is not the only wrong step the company has taken in years. Its MacBook Pro has gone without any major updates since 2013. Its redesigning has faced multiple delays but is expected sometime in 2019. Apple also has had experienced various bugs in its operating system. For example, there has been an autocorrect bug in the iOS version 8.0.1 and a Group Facetime Bug in the iOS version 12.1.

Creative strategies analyst Carolina Milanosi has hinted to what could have been the problem – if the device was overheating then the company would not release it into the market. Considering, how other companies have multi-device mats, Apple would have wanted to do something different and it would have been equally disappointing.

The Unkept Expectations

AirPower had been expected to work with Apple’s newest iPhone, the Apple watch, and the new wireless-charging AirPod’s case. And it was supposed to charge multiple devices at a time, which is something also available in other charging mats like the Samsung’s wireless charger duo.

But it was supposed to be something more than just a charging device. It was to help devices communicate with each other regarding power consumption.

When Apple ditched its headphone jack in 2017 saying the future was wireless, Phil Schiller, Head of Marketing described the move as something that took “courage”. Since then, the company has strived to make its devices compatible with wireless charging. AirPower was supposed to be the first Apple-designed charging technology. But its wireless devices all work with third-party charging techniques.

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