The Five Best Things About The iPad Mini


iPad Mini

If you have been waiting for an up-to-date version of the iPad Mini, then it is finally here; Apple’s iPad lineup has a few recent additions – the 10.5 inch iPad Air and the newest 7.9 inch iPad Mini. They are basically the same iPad in different sizes, and with slightly different prices as well.

Should you be even considering the smallest, newest iPad? In fact, choosing the iPad Mini might not be a bad idea, considering its size has a slight advantage over tabs and the bigger iPads.

Pros Of iPad Mini

It has a headphone jack – The new iPad pro models ditched the 3.5 mm headphone connection and went to a USB-C type unless you use a dongle. Even though people are more inclined to use wireless headphones nowadays, it’s a relief to have a jack onboard nonetheless.

It is the cheapest ticket to an A12 processor – Before the newest iPads, the least expensive iOS device to sport the A12 processor was the $750 iPhone XR. And the iPad Mini, which is only $400 (almost half of the price), is not a bad deal after all.

Its size makes it easier to carry – The Mini’s tweezer-sized existence makes it easier to be carried around in your pocket. Plus, it is lightweight and feels more like a thin booklet or a mini-laptop.

You can get creative with the pencil support – Most artists will prefer a larger screen as their workspace, but the A12 processor and the pencil support is a wonderful combination, not to mention the portability of the entire set. But only if you are OK with the 7.9-inch screen dimension.

Battery Life – When it comes to sustainable battery life, the iPad Mini is doing pretty good considering it lasts for approximately 10 hours when playing back videos.

Maybe this version was developed to be an understudy, a tiny little speck to last till Apple refreshes its product lineup.

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