Royal Caribbean AI Face Recognition Magic

Credit-Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruises has begun using Artificial Intelligence powered facial recognition to speed up the passengers on their way through security and ID checks.

Imagine standing there on the pier, breathing in the salty water and soaking in the sunlight, and you’re dreaming of all things wonderful on the cruise. But the long queues for security check, bag check, ID check catch your attention. It often takes 75 hours for passengers to get through the tedious process.

And Royal Caribbean Cruises thought it has the answer to this – AI-powered facial recognition.

How it all started

In December, passengers started taking part in a pilot program launched by the company at their embarkation point, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Passengers take their selfies using the company’s app, then at the port, an AI-powered database matched their face. After a quick double check, Royal Caribbean’s staff members direct their guests to their cabins.

And this results in all-time high customer satisfaction.

According to Jay Schneider, the person who runs the Miami company’s digital operations, they wanted to turn what could have been a cold transaction into a really welcoming moment, getting the customers from their car to the bar in no less than ten minutes.

But they are not the only ones to use this technology. Facial recognition is used by Facebook and by many mobile phones to unlock their mobile. It has even crept its way into airlines, home security systems and may soon be inescapable.

How neural networks work

In their training phase, neural networks scrutinize the vast number of faces, learning on their own what is important for the recognition process. It is more accurate than the traditional method, with the programmers describing what noses, eyes, and ears look like.

Some layers capture the color, the gradient, the texture, and the deeper they go the more they understand the depth of the object and ultimately, they understand it.

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