Losing a laptop or having it stolen is no joking matter. But you don’t have to give up all hope of finding it once more. Fortunately, there are ways to track your laptop and pinpoint its location on a map for easier retrieval. Microsoft and Apple have both added features to their operating systems which make this possible but you have to do some settings beforehand. Here’s how to do it plus we have some tracking apps discussed too.


If your laptop has gone missing you should enable the ‘Find My Device’ feature, included in all Microsoft devices, to help track it down.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Update & Security.
  3. Click on Find My Device or look to the sidebar menu and find the option that says Find My Device and select it.
  4. A window appears showing if Find My Device on or off. If it says off, then select the Change button below to turn it on.
  5. Go to the Microsoft account page and sign in with your account information.
  6. On the right side of the screen click on Find my device.

After the process begins, Microsoft will now give you a map location for your device and when it was last detected.


As in Microsoft, Macs include the tracking feature called Find My Mac. You can track down the location of your laptop on a map for reclaiming.

  1. Go to iCloud settings.
  2. Find My Mac Settings.
  3. Go to your menu.
  4. Select System Preferences.
  5. Go to the iCloud icon and login with your Apple account information.
  6. Review your iCloud features and look for the option to Find My Mac.
  7. Select the checkbox to enable this feature.
  8. Log into with your Apple account.
  9. Select Find my iPhone to get started.
  10. A menu appears where all the devices associated with your account are listed. Select your MacBook from this list, and iCloud will bring up a map showing you where it is.

You can even remotely lock your Mac with a password to prevent access.


You can track the IP address of your device if someone is using it. This won’t give you a precise location, but you’ll have an idea of which town or maybe even road where it might be found.

If you have a Gmail account then this is the best place to start. Log into the web version in your browser, then scroll down to the bottom of the messages until you find the Details option in the lower right corner.

  1. Click this and a new window will appear with all of the devices that have accessed your Gmail account recently.
  2. Click the Show Details option under the one that you suspect to be your missing laptop, then make a note of the IP address so you can hand it on to the police.
  3. Now scroll down to the web browsers section and hover the cursor over the information icon in the Most recent activity column for the device in question.

Try the above options for specific laptops or you can also use some of the tracking apps such as Prey Tracker, PreyProject’s Prey and Hidden.

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