Deepfake Are Out There To Ruin The Democratic World


Deepfake is an artificial intelligence tool infamous for its use for porn forgeries has now appeared as a bigger threat to democracy and everyone in general.

Thinking about them leads to philosophical head-scratchers. Here’s one: How much should one worry about their head or face being grafted into a hardcore pornographic film? And if before that happens, deepfake topples the public trust in global democracies?

What is deepfake?

It is a video forgery technology that makes people look like doing something that they have never done. Similar to photoshop which allows us to perform surgeries on images like a breeze, deepfake allows us to manipulate videos and it gets harder and harder to detect the falsity of the video.

And unless you have kept your face off the internet, a deepfake starring you as the lead is probably somewhere out there.

“All of those images you put of yourself up online have exposed you,” said a Dartmouth researcher, Hany Farid. “And you gave it up freely. Nobody forced you to do it, it wasn’t even stolen from you-you gave it up.”

How it poses as a threat?

Deepfake’s represent a more cynical form of facial recognition. Traditional facial recognition already plays a huge role in our lives: it is the technology that allows you to organize your friends’ snapshots in Google Photos. But it can also scan your face at an airport or concert without your permission or knowledge.

Unlike most facial recognition technology that essentially turns the features into a coded form for computers, deepfake software tends to mash up the identity so that even you’re not able to point out the truth. It poses as a nightmare in your life and in the life of the head of the states, CEO’s or political candidates.

That is why media forensics like Farid and the Pentagon are trying to find methods for detecting deepfakes.

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