Computer Outage Goes Rampant And Troubles Many Airlines Companies


Many travelers were left waiting on Tuesday after a computer glitch hit the reservation and booking system used by several US airlines and paralyzed functionality.

Who were the ones affected

Among some of the airline companies, American Airlines, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines were some who were hit by the computer outage. The airlines are now saying that systems have been restored.

JetBlue apologized to its customers, “All functions have been restored following a temporary outage of Sabre’s systems that impacted multiple airlines. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

What had happened

The outage hit the Sabre reservation and booking system which was used by many well-known airline companies. The company mentioned in its tweet that it had faced a slight “system issues” which have been resolved and everything has been returned to normal. In the past, airline-related computer problems have caused inconvenience in the past. For example, when United Airlines was grounded in 2015 due to problems caused by a faulty router.

Was it the work of hackers, again

Popular internet services also face occasional outages, leading to speculation by the public as the act of hackers. Earlier in March, Facebook was down for a day but the company said a misconfigured server had caused the problem. In 2016, hackers were responsible for a day-long outage that had taken down many popular net services like Twitter, Reddit, and Netflix.

American Airlines issued a similar statement referring to the problem as “a brief technical issue” that affected multiple airline companies that were using the Sabre software. Thereby apologizing to their customers for the inconvenience caused.

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