Apple Enters The Card Game With Its New Apple Card

Apple card

When we just thought, Apple could not get any more satirical on her fellow companies it comes up with the all new Apple card.

What is so different about it?

Unlike every other credit card that exists in the world, the Apple Card does not contain a card number, a CVV number, an expiration date, and a signature.

It was not enough when the iPhone stored all your credit card information, now they want to be a physical part of it. On Monday, the company announced the launch of its new credit card that will live virtually in Apple’s Wallet app or in the physical world as a minimally designed, laser etched, titanium card.


The Cupertino tech giants’ main motive is to do away with the things associated with credit cards that people dislike the most – from late fees to annual fees, from international fees to penalty interest rates.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, while announcing the launch of their card saying, “There are things about the credit card experience that could be so much better.”

Apple has always been the one individual in the group who wants to impress everyone with their skills and abilities, and its newest launch, the Apple Card was another tiny aspect of this personality.

Daily Cashback Rewards

It aspires to make heads turn by offering cashback rewards to Apple Card users daily, doing away with the monthly rewards program usually conducted by other credit cards. You will receive a three percent cash back if you directly make a purchase with Apple, a two percent cash back if you make a purchase using the virtual wallet, and a one percent cash back if you physically use the card to make a purchase.

Apple’s announcement comes out four years after it launches Apple Pay, a service that let people pay using their mobile.

Tim pointed out credit cards are easy to lose and cumbersome to maintain, plus it is a risk. But the adoption of mobile payments in a world full of stubborn people has been quite slow. Only a third of all Apple users have used Apple Pay in spite of it pushing Apple Pay to more retailers and websites.

Maybe this was the reason why Apple decided it needed something bigger if it wanted more people to use its mobile wallet.

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