As we all know, Apple’s TV service is soon launching and it has rivals crying out. This year’s company event might throw some highlights on the new video streaming, magazine subscription, and a possible credit card service. That is a lot to wrap our heads around but well, it’s Apple.

The event is going to go live in a few hours at the Steve Job’s Theater in the Apple Park Campus, Cupertino.

But something bizarre is happening in the studio. Instead of going live during the event, Apple’s live stream site has come to live hours before the actual premiere of the event. And it is like watching a horror movie which is oddly calming.

The theater is shown from different angles, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they just threw in a little something extra to troll us.

It seems to us, as our guess is as good as anyone out there viewing the live streaming video, that this is some sort of a marketing stunt by Apple. And the best part of the entire show was a random man walking up to the stage, conducting a mic test, reciting poetry, and then exiting.

The live stream has even shown a call being made to Chris Evans, Captain America for the Marvel Fans.

Things have seemed to settle down for a bit as Apple put the interface of its CarPlay navigation on the screen. And it is showing a long journey (preferably a long drive) on the Interstate 5(I-5) North, most likely to Los Angeles and Cupertino (just in time for the show). And maybe it also foreshadows the presence of celebrities and media moguls in the rich crowd of Apple’s event.

Or maybe it throws lights on what can be expected from the event today; so far, the live stream has had audio of Ron Howard, M. Night Shyamalan and others.

But even giant tech companies can have an uphill climb in business with established video streaming sites like, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, already present in the market.

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