Instagram Is Testing Ways For You To Purchase Directly From The App


Instagram, as we all know is a photo-sharing app where users post their own pictures or photographs or poetries. Basically, it is a vast platform where artists can display their art. Brands often display their products there along with the link to their site on their bio.

Ever wanted to buy a pair of sneakers or a palette of eyeshadows but you had to visit their site and enter your bank details?

Instagram is finally testing the features which would let you buy products without leaving the photo-sharing app. And you can buy from brands like Adidas, Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, and many more.

This highlights how Instagram is trying to become a place which lets you do something extra than just sharing photos for its more than one billion users.

According to Instagram, check-out is just one tiny feature of its long-term investment in shopping. They’re planning to introduce more features thus making the experience worthwhile for its users.

To buy something on Instagram, users tap on the ‘products tag’ and chooses the item they’d like to purchase. Then they enter their contact information, address, and payment information. Now, this information will be saved by the app for future purchases, and the orders can be managed from the app itself.

The new feature also gives Instagram, which usually earns revenue from advertisements, another way to rake in money. During the test of the checkout feature, the company is charging a selling fee to help fund the checkout feature and credits offset.

This also provides Instagram with information to show its audience more targeted ads.

But the feature’s testing by Instagram faces a lot of competition by various other sites, like Pinterest, the social bookmarking site which lets its users buy items that they like on their site. Furthermore, Instagram belongs to Facebook which has scandals regarding privacy issues surrounding it. It has to gain the trust of the users; that it is a trustworthy way for purchasing goods they like.

Instagram is partnering with PayPal to process the payments and the information is being stored on secure servers.

Approximately, 130 million users have tapped on a shopping post every month to see the product tags.

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