How To Shut Down a Computer Remotely From Windows, Linux, Mac

shut down

If you have multiple always-on PCs connected to your network in your home in different rooms, it can be a difficult task to shut down or reboot each one physically. There are three ways to shut down these PCs all at once whether you have Windows, Linux or Mac computers.


First of all, make sure to modify Remote Services on the computer you want to remotely shut down. For this check, if you have administration permissions on both computers for this method.

  1. On the PC you want to shut down remotely press the “Windows” key.
  2. In the search field and press “Enter” type “services.msc”. The Remote Services console opens.
  3. Find Remote Registry and left-click on it.
  4. Click on Properties.
  5. Click the “Startup type” dropdown menu
  6. Select the “Automatic” option.
  7. Click “OK” to confirm your choice.
  8. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard once more.
  9. When the Start Menu launches, type “Firewall” in the search field and press “Enter”.
  10. Click the “Allow a program or feature through firewall” link on the left side of the window.
  11. Click the “Change settings” button.
  12. Find “Windows Management Instrumentation” and check the box. Check the “Private” column box.
  13. Launch Command Prompt on the PC from which you want to shut your PC down.
  14. Once the program opens, type “shutdown /I” and confirm by pressing “Enter”.
  15. Click “Add”. Enter the name of the PC you want to shut down.
  16. Click “OK”.
  17. Choose the shutdown options.
  18. Click “OK”.

Prepare your Windows PC the same way you did for a remote shutdown from another Windows PC for shutting down your computer from a Linux computer.

  1. Here both computers will have to be connected to the same LAN/Wireless network. You’ll need to have administrator’s privilege on the Windows PC.
  2. Find out your Windows PC’s IP address through Command Prompt.
  3. Open it and type “ipconfig” and
  4. Press “Enter”.
  5. Find the IPv4 address in the router’s configurations. It is in the DHCP client table.
  6. Launch your Linux computer’s terminal.
  7. Install Samba, a protocol you’ll need to connect your Linux computer to your Windows PC. For Ubuntu, use this command: “sudo apt-get install samba-common”. The terminal will ask you for your root password before installation.
  8. Type “net rpc shutdown – I IP address – U user%password”.
  9. Replace the IP address part with the actual IP address of your Windows PC. And you are done.

For this method, administrator access is required on both computers. The Mac and the computer you’re using to perform the remote shutdown have to be connected to the same network.

  1. Open another Mac’s terminal. If you’re using a Windows PC to remotely shut down your Mac you can also do this via PuTTY.
  2. Once the terminal or PuTTY launches, type in “ssh username@ipaddress”.
  3. Replace the “username” with the remote Mac’s user name.
  4. Replace the “ipaddress” part with your Mac’s actual IP address.
  5. To find your Mac’s IP address on OS X 10.5 and higher, go to Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network. If you’re running OS X 10.4, go to Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network > Your Network > Configure > TCP/IP.
  6. Provide the remote Mac’s user password.
  7. Type “sudo /sbin /shutdown now” if you want to shut down your Mac immediately.
  8. Press “Return” or “Enter”.
  9. If you want to restart it, type this command: “sudo /sbin / shutdown –r”.

All these methods can be done in a matter of minutes with admin access on each computer and some system settings very easily.

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