Magnetoreception Is The Newest Sixth Sense In Town

Credits- Life: Animals & Plants

New research shows that humans have a hidden ancient superpower – or at least what can also be called a sensory perception that we have yet to figure out how to harness.

Migratory birds and turtles and a number of other animals have the ability to tune in to the earth’s magnetic field thus helping them to navigate without losing their direction. According to researchers from Caltech and the University of Tokyo, even humans harbor a similar sense of what is known as ‘magnetoreception’.

Kirschvink and his colleagues conducted an experiment on thirty-four individuals where they were enclosed in a chamber built by them. The chamber was away from radio frequencies, sounds, light, and all other potential sensory stimuli. Participants were made to sit there in the dark while the scientists studied their brain waves according to the shift in the artificial magnetic field around the room.

They did nothing but sit in the dark but their brain waves showed different activities for different participants, reacting to it just like it would to light and sound.

The researchers found out that our brain did not only have a sense of geomagnetism but also seemed to have a pretty smart sense of the Earth’s magnetic fields. The experiment showed the participants’ brains continuously processed the information around while rejecting inputs it deemed wrong.

When the researchers reversed the vertical components of the Earth’s magnetic field, the brain did not show any activity thus showing the brain has self-filtering abilities. Thus, it processes out the information it thinks is in error.

The team believes that a likely explanation for magnetoreception can be the naturally occurring magnetic mineral magnetite, that has been found out to be present in small quantities in the human brain tissue.

Thus maybe, Marvel’s Magneto has a more plausible story which has been scientifically backed.

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