Reasons You Should Upgrade To A Smart Sprinkler


For several smart home devices, it’s a baffling task to come to the conclusion – whether or not you should waste money in getting a device that is supposedly built to make your life easier and wallet emptier.

It’s totally understandable if you’d rather get up and switch on the light instead of pulling out your phone and doing the same through an installed app. But a handful of these accessories are worth the upgrade – from small thermostats to garden sprinklers.

Here’s why you should definitely and most definitely upgrade to a smart sprinkler:

  1. App controls – As evident, you can control the sprinkler from the comforts of wherever you are. You’re cooking and you suddenly remember you needed to water the garden but there’s no one to carry out the task, just open the app and switch on the sprinkler. You’ll not just have a happy garden but also a happier you.
  2. Weather Awareness – The app’s an even bigger upgrade if it’s raining outside. Would you rather go out into the shed and turn it off yourself or would you rather let all the water go to waste? None. You can just switch the device off from your home. You’re not only saving yourself from catching a cold, but you’re also saving water.
  3. Auto-scheduling – You can also schedule a time when your sprinkler will turn itself on and water the garden without you even bothering to remember it.
  4. It’s smarter than you – Your smart sprinkler knows more about your garden than you based of on the metrics that you feed it. It knows how much water your garden needs and how quickly the water evaporates from the soil. They can help break up the watering into smaller segments to help prevent run-off and to help the water soak in better.
  5. Water saving – All the smarts, scheduling, and weather awareness add up to the one big reason – water saving. It’ll not only save you water but also help you reduce the numbers on your water bill.

Initially, it costs a lot but a smart sprinkler will pay you back throughout the course of a few summers.

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