Motorola New Razr Foldable Phone: Features And Price

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Last month was the month when a foldable phone epidemic had swept the entire world off their feet; from Samsung releasing their Galaxy Fold to Huawei introducing their newborn child, Mate X, from TCL announcing the release of their Alcatel and Blackberry mobiles to the Nubia Alpha, a watch and a mobile but no one knows what came first.

But during all this one-upmanship, Motorola has been quietly watching from the sidelines, not entirely removed from the pandemonium. As rumors swirl around about a new foldable phone, and moreover the company has confirmed it. The phone is going to release this summer, but there was no mention of it being a new Razr.

A revamped Razr might have the potential to beat all the other foldable phones because before smartphones were a thing, these mobiles had taken the market by storm with their sleek, foldable design.

Motorola patent indicates foldable phone classic design

Wall Street declared in January that it was reviving their classic phone with a new $1,500 device. Sketches show what might be a refurbished Razr mobile. The illustrations show the classic phone but instead of having a hinged middle, the new Razr is going to be entirely screen. Apparently, it is going to be flexible enough to fold in half, and when closed, the curved bulge of the screen is going to remain hidden within the body.

And if Motorola succeeds, then their mobiles are going to be more practical than Samsung and Huawei combined; instead of having your mobile opening up into a tablet, the Razr is going to remain pocketable.

Main Display 6.2 inches
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
ROM 64GB/128GB
Battery 2,730-mAh
Colors White, Black, and Gold


The Razr is already a ‘foldable’ phone success

The Motorola Razr was the first flip phone which had taken the world by storm, with its sleek metal finish and tons of colors. It didn’t feel cheap and fitted into our pockets perfectly.

Even though it was released 15 years ago, Razr still has brand recognition and people might buy it not because it is a foldable phone, but because it is a new Razr.

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