Two-in-one laptops have come a long way since Microsoft launched their Windows 8 which was optimized for touch devices. Skeptics view them as a laptop having a touchscreen they’d never be using as tablets or tablets that disappoint as laptops.

What is a two-in-one or convertible laptop?

It is a device which performs both the function of a tablet and a laptop without one having to splurge a great deal of money in buying both the devices separately. As tempting as it sounds, buying a convertible also has a lot of downsides. For example, its sleek model limits the number of components that can be added to the machine.

To All-in-One

When you’re at your desk, using a laptop becomes quite strenuous as you have to move with your screen. And if you want to relax and work, the distance between you and your device becomes quite great.

But you can always flip the keyboard to the back and slide the screen part of the device up, connect a keyboard and a mouse, and you’re good to go. If you used a laptop stand then it provides less strain to your neck and now your webcam is at a pretty good height.

Echo Show

Amazon’s latest Echo Show pairs a 10.1-inch screen, microphones, and speakers with the company’s virtual assistant, Alexa. You can install the app in your Windows 10 and now you have Echo Show that you can take anywhere with you – the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage.

Digital Whiteboard

One tends to forget the advantage of having a pen-enabled two-in-one because they aren’t a student or an artist. But one can also use to organize their life or brainstorm ideas or just doodle at random.

Kitchen Mate

It is a great way to see recipes, create shopping lists, or watch how-to videos. With a laptop, it gets difficult to carry around and always keep it near a charging port, in case, it runs out of battery. For easy usage, one should place it in tent mode.

Great for the Kids

One might feel the uselessness of a touchscreen on a laptop but kids beg to differ. It’s great for watching educational videos, or drawing, or playing casual games especially on tent mode which removes the necessity of buying a tablet stand.

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