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After much terrible anticipation, Tesla’s Model Y has been introduced to the public. And the Tesla crossover SUV is pretty much what we all expected it to be. It has a little bit of Model X (including the optional third row of seating) minus the fancier gimmicks but barrels of Model 3 DNA. It will be a smaller version of an SUV to fill up Tesla’s cheaper side of production.

As stated by Elon Musk on Twitter, the pricing for Model Y starts at around 10 percent over what a comparably-equipped Model 3 does yet offering an useable range of 300 miles. The pricing for a standard range works out to be a whopping $39,000 which is due in 2021, while the long range model will cost even more, $47,000 and will go on sale in fall, 2020.

Possible Market Reaction

What the customers get is a family and cargo-friendly vehicle plus the satisfaction of driving the newest model of Tesla around the block. And being based on the Model 3, one can also expect it to be pretty quick and fast.

The success of Tesla’s Model Y can be the make or break of the company. If it appeals to the masses who couldn’t afford the Model X and weren’t in particular attracted to a sedan like Model 3, then it might be just raining money for Tesla.

But if Tesla isn’t able to deliver its promises or the vehicle ends up sharing much less with Model 3, then it could go very badly for the company. For instance, when the company promised Model X would share a bulk of its features with Model S but ended up only sharing thirty percent of it.


Some of the features of the Model Y includes a panoramic glass roof, a steep windshield that one might even refer to as a skylight. The unveil only told us that it has windows and is presumably made of matter.

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