Apple’s New Netflix Like Service Could Hit More Than 100 Mil Users

We may finally find out what Apple’s one billion dollar worth of television shows is all about; it has been making it rain all over Hollywood for quite a year now.

Apple is expected to reveal its video-streaming service as well as a news subscription service on the 25th of March, Cupertino, California, campus. For a year, the company has been investing a net worth of one billion dollars to recruit projects from famous and renowned celebrities like, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan, and even Steven Spielberg.

But Apple has kept it everything about this programme hushed. Tim Cook, the CEO, has even given us hints about what the company has in store for us and has lightly criticized Apple’s lack of original projects.

But Apple doesn’t exactly has the best track record with television or video series, with its first two original video projects released on Apple Music – ‘Planet of the Apps’ and ‘Carpool Karaoke’ being a flop.

Steven Job’s idea of a set-top box for Apple T.V. remained a hobby for years. He had declared how he had “finally cracked” how to created an iTV set in 2011 but it never materialized following his death that year.

But what is the company actually planning to do with its one billion dollar investment? There are no leaked stories but a lot of theories has surfaced.

Many believe the company is aiming for a video streaming service much like that of Netflix or Amazon Prime rather than putting all the shows on Apple Music. Apple plans to launch its product in more than 100 countries after its launch in the US.

Some have theorized that Apple might be planning to create a bundled package where one can access all their digital content at once, much similar to Texture, a Netflix-like app for magazines.

Rich Greenfield, an analyst for BTIG, believes Apple will give its $1 billion in programming away for free. But it would be acting out of character if it gives away a $1 billion project away for free.

Just like every other video-streaming service that exists, Apple will also feature drama, documentary, thrillers, and some original content.

But it might just become big as viewers would love to watch original videos from big-name stars and creators who hasn’t been featured anywhere else.

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