Xiaomi 5G Mi Mix 3: Design Display, Camera Specification And Price


At the end of October 2018, Xiaomi announced its latest mobile, the Mi Mix 3 in China, and then for the United Kingdoms during early 2019. We all have been hearing rumors regarding a 5G phone, and we had gotten a sneak peek of the phone at MWC 2019 alongside the Mi 9.

The Mi Mix 3 has the Qualcomm X50 modem alongside a Snapdragon 855 processor. And instead of connecting to a mmWave network, it will connect to a Sub-6GHz 5G network. According to Xiaomi, this will help in facilitating data ten times faster than a normal 4G LTE.

The specifications are quite identical to the standard Mi Mix 3, but a 3800 mAh battery has been incorporated and there is a slight difference in weight and size. Xiaomi has been working with various networking companies like Orange, Vodafone, and Tim on the development of the 5G Mi Mix 3. But the companies haven’t confirmed a 5G launch yet. Xiaomi will start selling the mobiles in May for 600 euros or $680.


The Mi Mix 3 has been rumored to steal our attention with its huge screen-to-body ratio, a whopping 93.4%. And all of this has been made possible without including a notch, the selfie camera has been hidden inside a slide-up section which is flip into view using our thumbs. Xiaomi has made the use of calibrated magnets to make the experience and feel of it just right; not too much force and just enough to make it feel effortless.

Lab experiments have pushed it to 300,000 cycles without facing a problem, so durability shouldn’t be a problem either.

Coming back to the slider, it shouldn’t be taken so easily as it can help us in taking a screenshot, dismissing a notification, answering a call, and so much more. There are two camera lenses in the module: a 24-megapixel primary lens and a 2-megapixel secondary lens, ready for clicking your aesthetic and bokeh-type selfies. Xiaomi also incorporates its Super Pixel Technology where it combines two pixels into one for amazing low-light selfies.


On the back of the Mi Mix 3 is a dual lens camera – 12 Megapixels, similar to the setup used on the Mi 8. Its features include 4-axis optical image stabilization, 4K video recording, and a slow-motion video. The camera also uses the full potential of the Xiaomi A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) features too for scene recognition, A.I. driven beauty modes, and studio lighting effects.

Depending upon the version we buy, we can get RAM up to 10 GB which is apparently a first for a smartphone. The device comes with a wireless charger as it supports 10w wireless charging. The body is made of ceramic as is a tradition for Xiaomi and comes in three colors – black, jade green, and sapphire blue. To acquire the 10GB RAM, one has to buy to the sapphire blue featuring an engraving of the Xiezhi (a creature from Chinese legends).


Xiaomi is known for its affordability. The basic Mi Mix 3 comes with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and up to an internal storage of 256 GB, and costs around $475 or Rs 33,171 (approximately). The Palace Museum (10GB/256GB) version will cost about $720 or Rs 50, 280.

The phone was launched in the U.K. on January 16th, 2019 and costs 500 Euros (or $ 642 or Rs 44, 833) for the 6GB/128GB version.

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