How To Delete All Your Google Activity Completely

Google Activity

What if I tell you someone monitors your personal life every day. Shocked? Yes, Google Activity keeps the record of each and everything you search, it keeps a track of places you visit and every page you visit.

One approach to adopt a proactive strategy so as to ensure yourself and assume responsibility for your own data is to limit how Google gather and store that data.

You can check your activities from the day you connected your Gmail account to Google, you also get an option to erase all your Google Activity which I will talk in this guide.

How To Check What Information Google Store

Google not only store information on your desktop, but it also monitors your smartphone when you connect your Gmail account. What application you opened and on what time you used it. If someone has access to your Gmail account, they can monitor your every activity.

  1. Open your web browser and visit MyGoogleActivity
  2. From the left side, menu select Item View


How To Manage Your Google Activity Control

Permanently clearing Google Activity will help in achieving your objective of keeping up security over your online character yet you’ll need to take a few to get back some composure on customizing your Activity Controls too. Google Activity will keep on tracking your pursuit and perusing history except if you decide to disable them. It doesn’t make a difference when you choose to impair the settings, Google will never again have the capacity to gather and store that information from you later on.

Open your browser and go to ActivityControl Setting

Turn Off each and every activity

When you try to turn any activity off, pop up window will appear and ask you to confirm.


How To Download Your Google Activity
  1. Open your browser and visit Download Your Data
  2. Select the data that you want to include and click on next step
  3. Customize the format in which you want your file to download and click create an archive
  4. NOTE: It may take up to hours depending on the size of the files you want to download

How To Delete Your Google Activity Permanently
  1. Open Browser and go to MyGoogleActivity
  2. From the left side, menu select delete activity by
  3. Select Delete by data “ALL TIME” and click on Delete

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