How To Lock Specific Cells And Password Encrypt In Excel


In your professional life where you deal with lot of excel sheets, you need to ensure anybody you share it with doesn’t incidentally change cells that shouldn’t be changed.

Fortunately, Microsoft Excel 2016 and prior adaptations let you lock cells to shield them from being adjusted. You can secure every one of the cells a worksheet or explicit cells, enabling a few pieces of the spreadsheet to be changed.

How To All Lock Cells InĀ  Excel

If you protect your Excel sheet, all the cells will be locked.It means that nobody can tamper the content, format or edit the file. Here how:

  1. Open your Excel sheet
  2. Go to the Review Tab in the menu bar which can found on top of sheet
  3. Click Protect Sheet
  4. Enter the password to unlock that sheet
  5. Click Ok to protect the sheet

If someone else tried to edit this sheet without knowing password this message will appear:


You can edit the sheet by visitng the Protect sheet tab, entering password and unlocking the sheet.

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How To Lock Specific Cells in a Excel Sheet

There may be times when you need to lock certain cells from being changed yet at the same time enable clients to alter different cells in a worksheet. As referenced over, all cells are locked as a matter of course when you protect the sheet. Nonetheless, you can indicate whether a cell ought to be secured or opened in the cell’s format properties.

  1. Select All the Cells which you dont want to be locked
  2. Right Click on your selected cells and select format cells
  3. Go to the Protection Tab from the pop of menu
  4. Uncheck Locked
  5. Then go to Review, protect sheet and click OK

Note: Any cells you havent unlocked under the format cells option in Step 3 will be locked while the unlocked cells will be editable

How To Encrypt Your Excel Sheet

If you are insecure about data theft from your sheet or some unauthorized person accessing your sheet. You can protect your sheet with these simple steps

  1. Open your Sheet
  2. Click on the colourful square boxes and select prepare from drop down list
  3. Click on Encrypt Document
  4. Enter your password to open the document
  5. Re-Enter your password
  6. Click Ok

If some unauthorized person try to access your Excel sheet, they will get a message like this:

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