How To Change Your Airpods Settings And Its Troubleshoot


Everyone knows about Apple’s wireless earbuds known as AirPods.It was launched in 2016 and the demand keeps growing constantly and it been rumored that Apple’s is going to launch its AirPods 2 in upcoming months.

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AirPods are very popular because of its wireless feature which makes listening to music very convenient, it pairs with your device quickly and the sound clarity is crystal clear.

In the wake of purchasing an AirPod there are a few changes required for better user experience which I will show you in this guide.

How To Change Your AirPod Setting

To change your AirPod Setting, go to Settings –> Bluetooth– > Bluetooth on your iOS device. Tap on ” i ”  next to your AirPods name.

Change Your AirPods Name

Click on the current name, enter the new name for your AirPods and tap done.

Change Double Tap Feature on AirPods Setting

Select the left or right AirPods in your Bluetooth screen and from there you can choose what happens when you double tap the AirPods

  • Use Siri to control your audio content, change the volume, or do anything else Siri can do
  • Play, pause or stop your audio content
  • Skip to the next track
  • Go back to the previous track
Turn Automatic Ear Detection on or off

Of course, AirPods sense when they’re in your ear and get the sound from your gadget. AirPods likewise interruption and resume playback when you evacuate one of your AirPods or stop playback—and won’t continue—when you expel both. When you have Automatic Ear Detection on and you’re not wearing your AirPods, sound plays through your gadget’s speakers.

When you turn off Automatic Ear Detection, these highlights are off and all sound plays to your AirPod regardless of whether you’re wearing them.

The proximity sensor in the AirPod helps you to play music whenever you put them on or pause music if you take it out. If it isn’t working as described, you can check here if it’s enabled or not.

Set Microphone to Left, Right  or Automatic

AirPods comes embedded with a microphone on each one of them so that you can make phone calls and use Siri. By default this feature is set to automatic, so no matter which one you either one can act as the microphone. You can set this feature to Always Left or Right.

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