How To Delete Your Hinge Account With These Simple Steps


Hinge takes a new turn than Tinder and is more about quality, it is the same as tinder for its online dating and can, in any case, be a spirit annihilating knowledge. In the event that you need a time out or need to desert everything, this guide will tell you the best way to delete your Hinge account.

Did you find your soulmate on the Hinge and deleting your account because you might not use it ever, if that’s the case, it’s fantastic! If you are tired of searching and want some time alone, you’re not alone. There are a lot of users who delete their Hinge account for this reason while setting up a new account a month later.


Hinge belives in quality over quantity. Rather than giving you access to all the profiles in your area, it narrows down it to ten possibilities every day. You can then choose them on the off chance that you see something and ‘Like’ them as you would on Facebook.

The key contrast here is that it isn’t tied in with accepting or rejecting. It is tied in with drawing in the individual in discussion and seeing where it goes. In the event that somebody remarks on your profile, you get the opportunity to coordinate with them on the ‘Like You’ page and you can go from that point.

It tries to maintain a strategic distance from that parallel swipe left or right procedure with something increasingly mindful and ideally, progressively considered. Regardless of whether it succeeds or not is down to individual experience. It makes it simpler to begin discussions by demonstrating the capacity remark on something inside the profile.

How To Delete Your Hinge Account

If you really want to delete your hinge account, I’ll show you below but did you know you can pause your hinge account? It might be an alternate solution for you rather than deleting your account if you are taking a break.

Officially there no pause or suspend function but it is anything but difficult to do. It may work preferred for you over erasing your record. I’ll cover how to do it after I tell you the best way to delete your Hinge account as I would prefer not to cover the feature any further.

To Delete Your Account
  1. Visit Play Store or App Store and cancel Hinge subscription
  2. Go to settings from within theĀ  app
  3. Select Account and scroll down to delete your account
  4. Confirm you choice
  5. Uninstall Hinge
  6. Go to Facebook
  7. Select App settings and remove Hinge from authorized app

Just uninstalling the app wont make you disappear from other people feed you need to manually unsubscribe in order to not still be seen by others.


Hinge might not have pause option officially but you can either change your location to a remote area where you are sure you won’t get any match. Else you can remove all your profile picture and replace them with a blank picture so that no one will like and comment on it. You can also use dealbreakers such as setting a minimum height above average so that its suitably impossible to find a match.

How To Swap Out All Picture
  1. Go to Settings in the app
  2. Select the pencil icon to edit profile
  3. Select my Photos and Videos and deselect those you have in profile
  4. Replace them with blank ones
  5. Select done

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