How To Change Your Hinge Location With These Simple Steps


Previous versions of  Hinge doesn’t let its user change many settings at all. When it stacked your information from Facebook that was it. You could work around it in the event that you moved to an alternate city however it wasn’t the most instinctive. The updated dating application is presently a lot simpler to utilize and enables you to change your profile, including your area on Hinge.

Most clients never expected to change their area in the event that they are making progress on Hinge. In the event that you are not getting coordinated, at that point, you may change your setting or area as per your decision. Changing area on Hinge is very straightforward these days yet at the same time requires indistinguishable idea from to what to transform it to.

How To Change Location On Hinge

Users can change their location as many times they want. This is a useful feature if you are traveling or moved into a new city. Whatever might be the reason the steps are quite simple:

  1. Open Hinge app
  2. Go to the Setting icon in the bottom left corner of the screen
  3. Select Preferences and My neighborhood
  4. Select the compass icon and drag it to your location
Managing Your Profile In Hinge

Managing your profile and editing is as simple as changing your location. You may initially need to see your profile through others’ eyes and after that survey it impartially before making changes. Even better, approach somebody you trust for their supposition and go from that point.

To View Your Profile As others may see it:
  1. Select the Setting icon
  2. Go to the Pencil icon to open the editor
  3. Select View at the top of your profile as others will see it
To Edit Your Profile
  1. Select the Setting icon
  2. Go to the Pencil icon to open the editor
  3. Make your necessary changes and save them

Making a dating profile that works is both science and workmanship and takes experimentation. On the off chance that at first, you don’t succeed, change something and attempt once more. In the event that you have companions, you trust in a comparable statistic to the one you’re going for, their recommendation may be important. Getting their contribution to how your profile peruses and your pics look could mean the distinction among progress and disappointment. What you believe is alluring or your best quality may not really be what others think. Getting a second supposition or third, fourth or whatever could truly help.

If you have finally found your other half and don’t need to use this application anymore, Checkout on How To Delete Your Hinge Account.

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