How To Change Your Echo Dot Default Language Setting

Echo Dot

If you ever decide to let a digital assistant help you manage your life, then the best choice will be Alexa. Amazon own virtual assistant known as Alexa comes embedded in Echo devices. Millions of echo devices are being sold every year and Amazon doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. As all the device which you have bought comes with pre-default setting and every device need some customization or tweaking to make it yours.

In this guide i will show you how to personalize your Echo Dot, including changing the default language.

Some of the customization available on your Echo Dot are:
  • Change Alexa’s accent
  • Change the voice
  • The Default Language
  • You can create different voice profile for different family members
  • Change the wake-up word from Alexa
Change Alexa’s Accent
  1. Open the Alexa app on the phone
  2. Select the Gear Setting icon and select your Echo Dot
  3. Select the  Language and then select British or American
  4. Select  Save Changes to change your Alexa’s accent

Alexa just has these two alternatives until further notice however you would be stunned at the distinction a difference in complement makes to the well-known Alexa voice.

Change Alexa’s Voice

In the event that you need to change Alexa’s voice on the Echo Dot, you can with the assistance of experts. It doesn’t supplant the default voice by and large yet offers a scope of expressions that you can utilize. The most famous one is by all accounts the Gordon Ramsay aptitude which gives you ‘accommodating kitchen counsel’ in his one of a kind way. Ask Alexa to stack the Gordon Ramsay aptitude or utilize the application to discover and stack it to appreciate the British gourmet expert’s to some degree grating correspondence style.

More voices will come gratitude to Amazon Polly however they are later on. Until further notice, you can change the complement and include celebrities voices with a scope of pre-characterized expressions.

Change the default Language on the  Echo Dot
  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Select the Gear Settings icon and select your Echo Dot
  3. Select Language and then select your choice of language
  4. Save Changes
Create Default Voice Profiles on the Echo Dot
  1. Open the Alexa app on the phone
  2. Select the Gear Setting icon and Accounts
  3. Select Your Voice and Begin
  4. Select  your Echo Dot to train it and select Next
  5. Repeat the phrases on the screen loudly and clearly
  6. Follow the process until complete

Every individual should download the Alexa application onto their phone and repeat this procedure. At Step 3, select I’m Someone Else and set up their name and their own voice profile.

Change the Wake Word From Alexa
  1. Open the Alexa app on the phone
  2. Select the Gear Setting icon and Select your Echo Dot
  3. Select Wake Word and select a word from the list

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