5 Best No WiFi Required Offline Racing Games for the iPhone


Who doesn’t love playing a good racing game? They are, Racing games are great fun, fast, highly intensive and are a great time killer. They keep your adrenaline rushing by excising that part of some of us that couldn’t drive that fast on the road. But at times when you do not want to stay connected to the Wifi or cell signal, you can play these awesome offline games with equally good graphics on your iPhone.

  • It has the best arcade mode with fast gameplay, a range of cars and tracks to unlock.
  • It comes with a console-quality graphics along with colorful graphics palette that works well on an iPhone.
  • It does need a newer iPhone to get the best out of it but in return delivers solid racing with less of the rubber band style AI that you tend to get in lower quality racers.
  • The app is $2.99 and has in-app purchases.
  • It is available for Android and iPhone.
  • It delivers quality and top-notch graphics.
  • The UI is slick and navigation is good too.
  • There is a huge range of customizations and unlocks and lots of tracks and events to try.
  • The app is free but contains in-app purchases.
  • The navigation and game design is excellent and the tracks, events, and cars are all very well modeled and look authentic.
  • It’s a more realistic racer with better modeling, more realistic interiors and cars but less environmental detail.
  • It requires a newer iPhone to get the best out of it but rewards that with great gameplay.

The app is free but contains in-app purchases.

  • It’s a Codemasters game so the graphics, physics, and movement are all top class.
  • It’s a bit like Real Racing 3 in that’s it’s all about the track and the same level of detailing and racing action is on show here too.
  • The design is very straightforward and makes it easy to get racing quickly.
  • There are over a hundred cars and tracks to unlock, lots of events and the usual customization options to keep you occupied.
  • The app costs $9.99 but gives you everything.
  • In this game, you’re a team manager that needs to hire drivers, mechanics, R&D, manage an HQ, develop technology, get sponsors, set up your cars for qualifying and racing and a bunch of other tasks we never see on race day.
  • You don’t actually race in this game but you do everything else to enable your team to perform.
  • It’s a slower game but incredibly deep and engaging.
  • The app is $3.99 and offers in-app purchases.

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