What is Google Smart Lock and How to Retrieve Forgotten Password


Sometimes some users who surf websites and sign up they get a option from Google Smart Lock to save the password. As we surf a lot of websites it might happen we lose track of our passwords. If you want to open a certain website on a different device but had forgotten the password and its saved on your old desktop then you don’t have to worry.

In this guide i will talk to you about how to show hidden password online. Mean if you have saved your password and its showing in Asterisk (******) you can retrieve it back. Moreover, you can steal the password of your friend using this trick if they had saved their password on their computer.

You can search online on how to see hidden password online, show password tool, show asterisk password etc but couldn’t find an easy solution like I am providing. We should not use the same password on every website as there is a possibility of data theft.

Now let’s start on how to decode asterisk password for that let’s start from basic for everyone.

What is Google Smart Lock

After completion of sign up of any website, Google asks your permission to save the password for future use. The next time you visit that website you can see your email and password in Asterisk while you just need to log in.

How To check your Asterisk password
  1. Log in to any website where you had saved password
  2. Right click on the password box and select Inspect Element
  3. In the HTML code Right click and select edit as HTML
  4. In input type=”password” insert input type=”text” and click anywhere on the screen
  5. The Asterisk will be converted into text and you can retrieve your password

Note: If this technique doesn’t work on your browser you can try these simple steps below

How to Check your saved password in the browser
  1. Go to your browser setting in my case firefox
  2. Then Go to Privacy and SecurityGoogle
  3. Scroll down to see Logins and passwords
  4. Select Saved logins



5. Then Click on show password

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