How To Spoof Location in Find My Friends on iPhone

Find My Friends

Everybody needs some privacy or alone time but sometimes technology doesn’t let us have some. Find my Friends let your family or partner locate you from your GPS. Need to counterfeit your area on Find My Friends to trick somebody or simply show up someplace other than where you are?

Applications like Find My friends can be quite annoying sometimes. You can envision the engineers sitting in detachment some place in Apple’s HQ in Cupertino thinking ‘wouldn’t it be cool in the event that we planned an application that allows loved ones locate each other through their area’. What could turn out badly?

Find My Friends Utilize an iPhone’s GPS to safely impart area to assigned others and empower correspondence between them. The application offers a great deal of extension for dear companions or families yet nothing that ordinary talk can’t accomplish.

Turning Off Location in Find My Friends

Find My Friends privacy setting is quite decent and let you manage it according to your requirements. One such change is that you can turn off your location within the app and can stay private. The only downside is that your family members or loved one can notice you turning off your location and you may need to explain them.

How to turn off location
  1. Open Find my Friends application
  2. Select Me And toggle share My location to off
  3. Save the changes when you are done
You can also do it from iCloud
  1. Log into iCloud
  2. Select Find My Friends
  3. Select Me and Toggle Share My Location to off

Even if you can turn off your location in Find My friends, you need some external application to fake it


FMFNOTIFIER is an application that helps you in faking your location but the downside to it that you need a jailbroken iPhone for that to work, else you can try GPS spoofing.

The Best thing about FMFNOTIFIER is that it let the users know when someone is pinging your location. This helps you in setting up a fake location or real one depending on what time they are doing

Fake GPS Location

If your iPhone isn’t jailbroken you cannot use FMFNOTIFIER. So you need to use a Fake GPS location. This application is genuine and available on the App Store and allows you to manually set your location through GPS

How to Fake GPS Location
  1. Open the Fake GPS Location app
  2. Give it time to download the map
  3. Select a position on the map and share to that location

Make sure you are not connected to Wifi at the time of spoofing your location.

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