How To Delete All Contacts From Google Gmail Account


Google has over a million users who use it as their primary email client. It might be for personal use or business, at one point of life everyone has a cluttered address book at a point. Some might be from an old subscribed newsletter or any spam contacts you might have added.

When you have a cluttered address book and want to stay organized so that you can navigate to your contacts properly. Google has an easy way to do it which I will talk in this guide.

Can You Delete All Google Contacts At once

It relies upon the quantity emails you have, and whether you’re willing to put more exertion into doing this. Fortunately, mass erase choice is accessible, however, you can just choose a limit of 250 contacts. Despite the fact that this ought to be sufficient for most, the individuals who have been utilizing Google mail for a very long time could have substantially more than this.

All things considered, there’s an approach to managing this also, yet before we get into that, how about we disclose how to erase Google contacts utilizing the inherent highlights.

Deleting Contacts Directly From Google

1)Sign in to your google account

2)then Visit HERE

3)You can move your mouse around over the contact until you see the checkmark

4)Select all the contacts that you want to delete by clicking on the checkmark

Note: To remove all contacts select all the above contact list

5)After selecting all the contacts you can see the three dot on top on the page, click on it and select delete

6)Confirm once again to delete all the contacts

Using Google Drive

1)Sign into your Drive Account

2)Create a new file

3)Go to Tools in top of the page and click it

4)From the drop down list click on Script editor

5)If there any text on the box, paste the following code

function deleteContacts() { var myContactGroups = ContactsApp.getContactGroups(); for(var i = 0; i < myContactGroups.length; i++) { var myContacts = ContactsApp.getContactsByGroup(myContactGroups[i]); for(var j = 0; j < myContacts.length; j++) { ContactsApp.deleteContact(myContacts[j]); } } }

6)You can find the Run on menu bar and click it

7)Google will ask you permission to run the script that delete all the contacts, allow it to remove all.


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