How To Appear Block or Invisible From Someone on WeChat


There are millions of people who are using social media in day to day life. But there are some people who are bothersome and annoying. You can always ignore them but some keep on persisting so need to take some specific measure. You can always block them and in this guide i will teach you how to do it.

WeChat is enormous and has over a billion clients. Initially from China, this application accomplished something not many different applications from Asia have ever done, successfully translate to the west. As a general rule, the social contrasts and the extraordinary ways the east and west use applications implies the two once in a while meet up. WeChat is one of only a handful few applications to connect that hole.

Blocking Someone On WeChat

WeChat is a platform of chatting and making connection, sooner or later you will meet some kind of people who are trouble .You know the type violent, abussive or those who think they can say whatever they like online.

Blocking is the best way to avoid these kind of people

  1. Select contacts by opening WeChat
  2. Select the person whom you want to block
  3. On the top right you can see three white dot menu
  4. Select Moments Options
  5. Add to block list

You can see your block list by
  1. Go to Settings from whitin WeChat
  2. Select privacy and then blocked list

Muting Someone in WeChat

Blocking somebody doesn’t feel right if all they are doing is uploading moment¬† every few minutes. On the off chance that they are generally tame, you might be in an ideal situation muting them by turning off notifications.

Mute Notification
  1. Go to Me And Settings
  2. Select Notifications and turn them off
 Mute a particular person
  1. Open The chat with the person you want to mute
  2. Select the three dot menu icon
  3. Select settings and mute notifications
To mute gourp notifications
  1. Go to the group chat icon
  2. Select mute notifications
Stop Certain people seeing your moments
  1. Open WeChat and select Settings
  2. Select Privacy And Don’t Share my Moments
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon to add someone
  4. Choose the friends you wan to block from seeing your moements
  5. Select ok and then done
Unfriend someone
  1. Open WeChat and select contacts
  2. Select the person you want to unfriend
  3. On the top right select the three dot menu icon
  4. Select Delete to unfriend them

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