How to Play Pokemon on your discord server with Pokecord


Most of the gamers around the world are familiar with this word Discord. It is the successor to Teamspeak. Discord is being used by million of gamers around the world for communicating with each other while playing a game.

You can also add bots to your discord server now. But the best bot I have come across so far is the Pokecord Bot. Pokecord allows the users in the discord server to catch Pokemon by just guessing their name. Pokemon will s pawn in your discord server only if you keep texting your friends in the group. The spawn rate of pokemon are random means the more you chat in discord server  the more pokemon will spawn

You need to be the admin of the discord server or a mod to add or remove bots.

How to add Pokecord into discord server

1)Visit HERE

2)Click on Invite button on the screen

3)You will be redirected to another page for logging in to your discord account

4)Enter your credentials and click on login

5)After logging in it will show a list of server in which you have admin or mod access

6)Select the server and check for the permission you want to the bot to have.

7)Click on authorize and the bot will be added to the server


Before you start to catch any pokemon you need to select a starting pokemon by using the command

“p!start”. Select your starting pokemon and duel your friends

Catch Pokemon on discord server

1)Keep on having a normal conversation in discord with your fellow gamer mates

2)Pokecord will notify you that a random pokemon has appeared, guess its name to catch it

3)The command to catch the pokemon is “p!catch <pokemon name>”

Duel your friends in discord

1)Make sure you have caught a pokemon or selected a starting pokemon

2)Type “p!duel @your friend name” to challenge your friend

3)your friend need to type “p!accept” to start the duel

How to get the name of pokemon instantly that appear in discord

1)Make sure you have chrome browser

2)Right click on the spawned pokemon and copy its link

3)Go to the chrome browser and paste link in the address bar

4)Right click on the image of pokemon and select search in google from image

5)Google will display the name of pokemon

Some More Useful commands

Getting Started |

p!start | Start the game!

p!pick | Pick a starter pokémon! (p!start shows all available)

p!help | Displays this help message.

Pokemon Commands |

p!info | Shows your selected pokémon’s information.

p!pokemon | Shows a list of your pokémon.

p!fav | Shows a list of your favorite pokémon.

p!addfav <Pokémon n°> | Adds a pokémon to your list of favorites.

p!removefav <Pokémon n°> | Removes a pokémon from your list of favorites.

p!nickname <nickname> | Gives a nickname to your currently selected pokémon.

p!drop item | Drop the item your pokémon is currently holding.

p!select <Pokémon n°> | Select which pokémon to train and use in battle!

p!catch <pokemon name> | Catch a pokémon!

Pokemon Commands |

p!catch <pokemon name> | Catch a pokémon!

p!release <Pokémon n°> | Release a pokémon!

p!duel @User | Challenge one of your friends to a 1 on 1 duel!

p!trade @User | Invite one of your friends to a trade!

p!moves | List all moves your pokémon can currently learn.

p!learn <move name> | Teach your pokémon a move.

p!shop | Open the shop to see items available for purchase.

p!buy <Item ID> | Buy an item from the shop.

Bot Information |

p!botinfo | Shows general bot information.

p!invite | Gives the bot’s invite link.

p!donate | Sends a link to donate to support the bot.

p!patreon | Sends a link to the bot’s patreon page.

p!server | Sends an invite to the bot’s official server.

Other Commands |

p!prefix <prefix> | Sets server prefix. (Server owner only)

p!silence | Toggles your level up messages.

p!order | Change the order of your pokemon in p!pokemon and p!fav


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