How to Fix he Remote Of Fire Stick TV When Its Stops Working

Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a digital media player developed by Amazon. You can just Stick it into your display and watch videos. It also allows users to play video games with the included remote.

The Fire Stick is economically built obviously, how they are sufficiently strong for every day use and take care of business splendidly well. The dongle will work seamlessly as long as you don’t mess with it but sometimes the remote stops working or losing connectivity.

Here are a couple of approaches to fixing it if that transpires.

How to fix the Fire Stick Remote

Amazon Fire TV remote can stop working for various reason so before you replace them you can try these things first. Some tips may seem normal to you guys but troubleshooting is a process of elimination so let’s start from basics.

Check The Batteries

You already might have tried as its an obvious thing most people do when their remote stop responding.

You can shuffle the battery or rub it once against each other endpoints.

So your first step is to check the batteries for releases and ensure the contacts inside the remote are spotless.

Power cycle the Fire Stick

The Fire TV Stick accompanies a power lead to give it the vitality to stream content. Current HDMI measures can’t give enough power so it needs to utilize a connector. Try to remove power from the Fire Stick if the battery doesn’t work and keep it for few seconds. Power it on again after some time and let it reload and retest.

The problem might be arising from the software that made your remote not working properly. If you are fortunate enough it might debug itself after the retest.

Try the amazon Fire tv remote app

If the above process doesn’t solve your problem of Remote then you can try using the fire tv remote application. Enable Bluetooth on your device and use it as a remote. If the TV responds the remote might be at fault else the Fire TV needs repairing

Reset the Fire stick

If you have not installed any application on your Amazon Fire TV then a factory reset will do nothing but will require you to log into your Amazon account again. If you have any software you might lose them, in that case, leave this as your last resort

To Reset Your Device
  1. Go to Settings from within the application
  2. Select System and then Reset to Factory Defaults.
  3. Select Reset to confirm.

This process might take up to 10-15 minutes so you need to have patience. Once the reset has been completed you can try using your Remote.

Re-Pair Your Fire Stick Remote

If your remote has any life in it try repairing it with the device. If it’s not responding at all you need to buy a new one from Amazon for 29$.

To repair your remote

  1. Power on the Fire TV Stick and your TV.
  2. Hold down the Home button on the remote for around 10 seconds.

You can check if the pairing is done properly by going to settings and controllers and Bluetooth devices.

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