How to Add Password in your PDF’s for Android,Windows,Mac

Pdf’s are a great way to store text image or document as it is independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. Nowadays most of the document we share across the internet are Pdf format.

Pdf’s can also be password protected to prevent unauthorized access or data theft.

In this guide, I will talk to you about how to add a password in your PDF file

Add password from your Windows with software

1)Download PDFMATE  by clicking the green download button

2)Open the software and click on add file

3)Add the desired pdf file in which you want to add password

4)Your PDF will appear on the list, check below open password box and tick it

5)Enter your password, you can also select if you want to allow editing, copying or printing.

6)Click on the build and a folder will automatically appear with your new password protected PDF

Add password from your windows without any software

1)Visit HERE (

2)Click on upload file and select the file in which you want to add password

3)Enter password after uploading the file

4)After entering password click on encrypt the file and after rendering a download option will be shown with a down arrow

5)You can download the password protected PDF, can share it or save to google drive

Add password from your MAC

1)Open the file in which you want to add a password in preview mode

Note: To open in preview mode right click on the file and select open with and then preview mode

To right-click in MAC press the control key on the right bottom of the keyboard and tap on the mouse pad

2)Go to file menu and then click on export

3)Tick the encrypt box and enter the password

4)Save the file and the next time you open it will ask you to enter the password

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