How to Remove Password in PDF for Android,Windows,Mac

Pdf’s are a great way to store text image or document as it is independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. Nowadays most of the document we share across the internet are pdf format.

Pdf’s can also be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

You can also remove the password from pdf which I will talk in this guide.

Remove password on Android

1)Download PDFviewer from Play store

2)Select the password protected pdf file and open it

3)Enter the password to the secure file

4)Select the menu button or click on three dots

5)Click on the Print option from the drop-down list

6)Once it loads the file a PDF icon will appear on the screen

7)Click on it and select the desired location to save the file with a .pdf extension

8)Open the new file without any password

Remove password on Windows

1)Download PDFelement

2)Open the PDF of which you want to remove the password

3)After PDF has been loaded, Click on Enable Editing and enter the pdf password

4)Go to the protect tab which can found on the menu on the top bar

5)Click on password option below it and a pop up will appear

6)Deselect the password and click on ok

Remove Password Without any Software

1)Make sure you have the latest version of your browser preferably chrome

2)Drag the password protected file to your browser

3)Click on the chrome print option which can be found on top of page

4)Save the file without protection using the save button

Remove password on Mac

1)Right-click on the PDF file and open in preview mode

2)Enter the password as the file is password protected

3)Go to the file menu and from the drop-down list click on Save

4)Select the location where you want to save the file

5)Make sure the Encrypt box is unticked and save the file

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