How To Check Instagram DP(Display Picture) in Full Size


Instagram which is also known as IG or Insta is a social media image and video sharing platform. This application allows its user to share their day to day life picture with friends and family.

It also provides its user with various editing filter and organizes them with tags and location information.

Accounts can be shared publicly or can be privatized depending on the content you are sharing in the application. Instagram doesn’t let the users check others display picture in full size until and unless they had shared that picture.

In this guide, I will write about how to check others display picture anonymously in full size.

Check full-size Instagram display picture in windows or mac

1)Visit Instagram on your browser and log in to your account


2)Go to the profile of the user whose display picture you want to check and copy its username

3)Visit HERE (


4)Enter their username

5)Now tap on the small display picture to enlarge it or you can download the picture and view it


Check full-size instagram display picture in Android

1)Download an application called Download Instant DP(Full HD) available on Google Play Store

2)You will see a box to input Instagram useraname

3)Enter the username and tap on the search icon

4)It may take a few seconds to fetch the users details depending on your connection speed

4)Tap the profile picture thumbnail to view the profile picture in full size

5)You can also download the picture and save it on your phone by clicking the download icon

Check full size display picture in iOS

1)Download an application called Qeek for Instagram available in Apple store

2)Enter the username of the desired person on the search box

3)Select the profile from the list

4)Click on the profile picture to see it in full size


All the profile picture that will be displayed are of high resolution.


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