Apple music lets you gift one-month subscription free

apple music

Apple Inc Developed a music and video streaming service on June 8, 2015. It has a huge library of 50 million songs to select and enjoy music with your friends.

Apple music interface consists of five tabs
  • Library
  • For You
  • Browse
  • Radio
  • Search
Apple Policy

Many songwriters criticized apple music policy as they don’t reimburse artist during a user free month trial period. They quoted that the policy was “unfair” as the organization will not be paying writers, producers or artists during its three-month trial period.

Free one month service

Last Friday an iOS push notification was sent out by Apple which said it will now offer its subscribers the ability to give away one free month of service. Apple Music is now giving users a free three-month trial to test out the service before signing up for those who had second thoughts about its quite expensive subscription.

A tagline on the website reads, “Apple Music is better with friends. So give one of yours a free month”. It should be noted that only non-subscribers are eligible for the gift subscription, adding that the one-month membership can append the company’s standard three month trial period for new users.

This means that if your friend is already signed up for the service and you’re trying to give them one extra month for free, you won’t be able to. Also if the person you’re trying to gift it to is on the free three-month trial, the subscription will only kick in after the trial has ended which effectively gives them a “free” four-month subscription to the service.

It isn’t confirmed yet but the fine print suggests that former Apple Music subscribers can also take advantage of the free month offer.

Apple has promoted Apple music in similar ways in the past and has come out to be successful.

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