How to download from Netflix and Amazon prime video

NetFlix and Amazon prime video are an online streaming firm which showcases their content of movies, series, documentary online via their application.

They give users an option to download videos on their desktop, laptop, TV or mobile to watch it later without any internet connection. Its  a great help to a lot of traveling user who couldn’t access to wifi or internet for a time period

How to download from Netflix on Tv or mobile

Downloading from videos from Netflix on mobile

1)Install Netflix application from play store or apple store if you are on iOS

2)Sign in to your Netflix application

3)Select the movies or tv show which you want to download

4)Click on the down arrow button beside the title of episode to download your video

5)Next time if you open your app without any internet connection it will directly take you to the page where you can see the downloaded files

What are smart downloads

Downloading series or movies just got a lot smarter from last year. Now you have a new feature in Netflix called smart download which automatically detects the episode which you have watched and deletes it.

It also downloads the next episode automatically for you, if you have a huge library of downloaded files and doesn’t want to go through them every day to download new episode this feature is a great help for you

Smart downloads are also available now on  iOS devices as they updated their application on February  7th, 2019

How to download from Amazon prime

1)Install Amazon prime video on your device

2)Sign in to your account or if you don’t have one you need to purchase it

3) Select the title you want to download

4)Click on the download button on the screen

5)Select the resolution of the video in which you want to download

6) watch the download videos without an internet connection

How to download in iOS

The process is simple as above you need to download the app from the App Store and follow the above steps

Can we download Videos to our computer

Sadly neither Netflix nor Amazon prime video allows users to download from Netflix. While you can stream videos or use any external software to record or download the videos no legal method exists for downloading them.

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