How to improve your Writing and check grammar online


Essay, report, letter writing are very common for any school, high school or college going students. You may also need to write papers in your professional life.

Sometimes you may run out words to describe your writing. If you have never written an essay before you find it difficult at first.

In this guide, I will educate you regarding some product which will assist you in translating any sentence without changing its meaning and right your grammar which will enable you to get familiar with your mix-ups.

How to rephrase any sentence online

If your friend has done the assignment and you want to complete yours taking some assistance from him without entirely copying it. Follow These Steps

1) Visit HERE

2)Copy any sentence you want to rephrase from internet

3)Paste on the box written Text Before

4)Verify that you are not a robot by clicking on the box in Answer Captcha

5)Once you get verified Click on the green” Go!” button and the sentence will be rephrased

Note: You can rephrase 10,000 words at a time

How to check your grammar mistake online


It is an application that automatically detects your grammar mistake, punctuation, spelling mistakes and much more. This application is available free on the internet but you can also available its premium version for your business.

How to install Grammarly and use it

You can install Grammarly extension to your browser.

1)Visit HEREĀ for chrome and HERE for firefox

2)Click on add the extension to the browser

3)After the extension is installed a green icon will be displayed on your browser

4)Click on the green icon and enable check for grammar and spelling on new tab

5)Click anywhere in your browser where you have written any text and it will show your mistakes at the bottom of the text after you click on the green icon.

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