TCL new foldable phone that could turn into smartwatch

Foldable phones are the new cutting edge device which every organization wants to get its hand on. The teaser video of Samsung new foldable phone which will be unveiled on 20th February at MWC 2019 in Barcelona with many other brands like Huawei, Oppo, and LG.

The Chinese organization is known for its economic television, and also for its innovating phone like blackberry and Alcatel is rumored to be currently working on 5 devices which includes two tablets, two smartphones and a flexible phone that could curve into a smartwatch.

TCL is Among the top brand in television industry which trying to develop its name acknowledgment by bouncing on one of the flashiest patterns in the business. “It’s not simply cell phones,” said Stefan Streit, TCL’s general administrator of worldwide promoting, said in a meeting at CES, including that other buyer items like wearables, home machines and TVs could likewise profit by the new foldable innovation.


TCL want to make sure what their buyers really want. So they design various kind of foldable phone and will start working on them after getting a positive review.

These image shows 5 different kinds of phone.


  • Folds inwards like a clamshell
  • Folds outward from middle horizontally


It also has two brands that could fold inward and outward, but they bend at the horizontal line like an old flip phone.


The last phone seems a lot flexible and can curve into a  smartwatch around a wrist. This kind of design is quite unique and doesn’t share the same design with any other organization. The company made a statement that it might release a foldable phone in the year 2020.

Don’t forget to check this year MWC 2019, which will quite busy and exciting show as lots of new devices will be unveiled.


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