Hint about Apple new foldable phone from its patent

With the MWC 2019 coming up in Barcelona all the big mobile companies are ready to showcase their products. As we already know Samsung and Huawei are releasing their foldable phone soon.

The big tech company Apple doesn’t seem to stay behind as we can get a hint by the patents filled by apple dated all the way back to 2011 which got updated on 2016

Plenty of changes have been done during this period. You can download the patent HERE which was done by Apple on February 14th.

The patent demonstrates a clamshell-style foldable phone that would be somewhat not the same as the others being produced. With the MWC 2019 starting from Feb 20th Samsung is also going to reveal more about it new phone Galaxy X

Check out the Teaser Releaser by Samsung on February 11th HERE

Apple foldable phone concept and model

Apple portrays the utilization of a pivot dependent on a three-bar linkage or a four-bar linkage. The patent additionally takes note of that adaptable showcases could be mounted to the lodging of the gadget, covering the pivots and basically concealing them from view. With that, the presentation could twist along these lines making a gadget with a flexible showcase.

These images can look little confusing as Apple has been working on it since 2011 changing its concept and design multiple times. Back in 2011 foldable phone was a hypothetical concept and wasn’t even relevant. Eventually, the basic innovation is likely still suitable, regardless of whether the manner in which the tech might be utilized isn’t as critical going ahead.

The patent describes that phone uses tech like OLED display and the two sides of it will be quite large joined only by the hinge and the flexible display. It’s quite uncertain if Apple will be releasing a foldable phone in 2019. There are a lot of rumours popping up around the internet that Apple might release the foldable device following the trend.

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