How to Make Your Google Page Float, Swim or Play Guitar


Tired of working relentlessly from the past few hours in your system and want to chill out for a few minutes before starting to work again. Pause your work for a moment and visit your google search engine to make it more interesting and exciting. The creator of all these tricks elgoog offers its user a lot of cool tricks which will amaze you.

With this feature of google home page turns upside down or fall apart while you can drag, throw any box you want and play with it. Its concept is derived from the gravitational pull as all the words and boxes in Google home page falls down.

Some of the coolest tricks are

 Google Gravity

In this feature, the whole homepage falls down when you open it in your browser you can play along with any boxes by clicking on it and dragging. You can use a certain feature from here like directly visiting youtube or Gmail but you cannot search for anything from this page.


You can visit HERE to enjoy this exciting feature


Google  Guitar

This feature turns your search engine into an instrument where you can play guitar and you can even record and listen to it later. You can play some basic familiar tunes which Google provides you with accurate notes. Some feature might not work in chrome as its not compatible while you can use firefox or internet explorer for that.

 You can visit HERE to play guitar


Barrel roll

With this feature, you can make your screen go round and round 360 degrees. Users can access this feature by typing in the search bar “do a barrel roll” or click on search and select the first link. You can also type do a barrel roll and click on “I’m feeling lucky”.

You can visit HERE to do a barrel roll

Google underwater

This feature turns your search engine into an aquarium with fishes and search bar floating within the water.

Click HERE to visit the aquarium


You can use other cool tips and tricks provided by elgoog such as T-Rex Game, Snake game, and packman. It doesn’t have any affiliate with

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