How to edit a pdf or convert it into doc file (step by step)

Pdf’s are a great way to store text image or document as it is independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. Nowadays most of the document we share across the internet are pdf format. The only drawback is that it’s very hard to edit, for that you need some special software to tweak its content. In this guide, I will talk about different software to edit these documents.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat cost 15$/month for the premium version if your day to day life needs some tweaking of a pdf file or you need it for your business. If you want to edit just a few files, adobe acrobat lets you try its trial version HERE.

How to use adobe acrobat

1)Go to file in the top menu and open the file that you need to edit

2)In the right side, you can see some selection tools with which you can edit your document

3)Make your necessary changes and save the file


If you are not familiar with other software and doesn’t want to use them you can use

Sejda online editor

1) Visit HERE

2)Upload your pdf file

3)Use the tools available  on top of the page and edit your document

4)Click on apply changes

5)A download button will appear through which you can save the new pdf file in your system


If you want more options for editing you can download software, follow these steps:

PDF-XChange Editor

1)Visit HERE

2)Click on free download

3)Click on down the trial version without registration

4)Select your Bit version of Windows 32/64 and click on download Xchange editor


If you are not so good with editing, no need to lose hope you can convert your pdf into a different format with which you are familiar and start editing.

You can down this software HERE which helps you to convert your pdf into word, powerpoint, AutoCAD and even more.

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