How to delete your Instagram and Facebook profiles permanently


Facebook and Instagram are the world’s most used social media over a billion monthly active users. Facebook is now used for a variety of activities like promotion, social interaction, or sharing your views.

While Instagram is used mostly for sharing pictures of your day to day life or digital marketing. But sometimes our personal data gets mis-used in these social platforms. If you are concerned about your privacy or got bored from posting your pictures and need a break. This guide will teach you how to delete your social media account permanently or disable them for the time being

How to deactivate your facebook account

1) Open your account

2)click on the down arrow on the top right corner


3)Click on setting from the drop-down menu

4)click on general account setting and go to manage account and click on edit

5)Deactivate your account

Note- This will only temporarily deactivate your account and your profile won’t be shown to other. You can reactivate your account later just by singing into your page

How to deactivate your Instagram account

1)Log in to your Instagram account from phone or desktop

2)Visit your profile and click on edit

3)Scroll down and then click on  disable my account

4)you need to select an option why are you  disabling your account temporarily  and have to enter your password

5)select or click on temporarily disable account

How to delete facebook account permanently

Before deleting a facebook account you need to think a lot like it a serious decision. if you have some other concern about privacy, Facebook gives a lot of features to keep your data private. Facebook is useful in a lot of ways like a job perspective, growing your business or digital marketing. You may miss out dank memes too. But anyways if you really want to stay away from facebook

You can delete your account by clicking HERE

Note- This page redirects you to facebook deletion page and not to any phishing link

Facebook also provides you feature to save all your data before deleting your account from that link. Keep note that it may take up to 90 days for your account to get deleted from their servers and you can’t log in to your account.

How to delete Instagram account permanently

You cant delete your account from inside the app you need to visit in the browser.

1)You can click HERE to permanently delete your Instagram account.

2)Sign in to your Instagram account from browser if you are not signed in

3)Select the reason from  the drop-down menu

4) Enter your password

5)Click on permanently delete my account

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