How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 And Make It Lag Free


Windows 10 is the currently most used operating system worldwide launched by Microsoft on July 15, 2015, which is an upper version of windows 8.1. It received a lot of positive reviews because of some unique feature such as XBOX live integration as well as pre-installed Cortana and the replacement of internet explorer with Microsoft edge the new browser launched by Microsoft.

In this guide, I will talk about how to make your windows 10 lag free and speed it up to increase your productivity and have a better gaming experience

How to speed up your windows 10

Power options

1)Go to windows menu and search for the power option

2)Click on the power option and you will get a control panel of power option

3)Initially, your power option would have set at balanced as it was recommended by Microsoft. Change it to high performance.

Disable unwanted startup program

1) Right click on any empty space on the taskbar and select task manager

2)Once the task manager pop up, select startup form the navigation menu

3)when you install any software in windows 10 it might autorun when windows start. You can turn unwanted software off from the startup menu to boot your system faster

Defragmentation and optimization

1) Go to windows menu and type defragmentation on the search option

2) click on defragmentation and optimize drives

3)Select your local disk drive which you want to optimize and click on optimize button beside analyze

4)You will see your drive getting optimized once it finishes you can close the window

Delete unnecessary temporary files

1)Go to windows menu and search run and click on it

2) A small pop up will appear with a search box

3)Type %temp% and click ok

4) A folder will appear with a lot of files, delete all the files and close the window

5)Repeat process 1 and 2 again

6)Type temp and click again

7)If you are running as administrator it won’t ask for permission else a pop up will appear for your permission, click on continue and delete all the files.

8)Again follow step 1 and 2 and type “prefetch”, and as the folder open delete all the files

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